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  • Almost all molds have mold scale problems during injection molding, and injection molds are no exception. The formation of mold scale in injection molds is largely due to the residue of additives, and of course there are other reasons. So, what are the more common types of mold scale? In the face...
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  • How to do the daily maintenance of pressing mold accessories?

    How to do the daily maintenance of pressing mold accessories?

    Due to the high frequency of daily use of mold accessories and the harsh construction environment, the daily maintenance of mold accessories is particularly important. Good daily maintenance can make the life of the press mold parts longer and can better exert its advantages in the daily use of t...
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  • Today’s sharing: Common causes of heat treatment deformation of press quenching die steel

    Press quenching is to place the workpiece to be quenched on a special quenching press die, and while applying external force, the press sprays quenching oil (the press has an oil cover to cover the workpiece and the die) to quench the workpiece, The die of the press machine is divided into an upp...
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  • How to design the complex mold of automobile elbow?

    A complex automobile mold can be understood as a complex mold mechanism and action, or it can be understood as a large mold, coexistence of various structures, and high design difficulty. Today, I will explain it to you, let’s take a look!   Automotive elbow products, which are structural p...
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  • The company’s production strength

    The company’s production strength

    Founded in 2000, China Aojie Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic mould design and manufacturing company. The company’s sophisticated processing equipment, using the world’s advanced CAD/CAE/CAM technology, combined with many years of mold design and manufacturing experience, so ...
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  • What are the advantages of daily necessities molds

    Daily necessities molds are commonly used tools for the production of various daily necessities. They are more common in some manufacturers of daily necessities. Many daily necessities used by people are processed by molds. It only needs to adjust the materials according to the proportion and dir...
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  • Advantages of turnover box mould

    Good mechanical properties:The special structure of the plastic turnover box mold has excellent mechanical properties such as toughness, impact, compressive strength, shock-absorbing, rigidity, and bending properties.   Lightweight materials:The plastic rotating box has excellent mechanical prope...
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  • Production of Turnover Box Mould

    How to make a pair of turnover box molds? Choose the right steel for the mold base and core cavity. For example, if you want to produce a pair of turnover box molds, you need to use hardened pre-hardened steel as a template, and then select appropriate mold standard parts. Secondly, the hardness ...
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  • Material selection and application of plastic products

    Plastic products are the most widely used products in the current society. They cannot be separated from the participation of plastics in consumer consumption, industrial and agricultural production, household appliances, public service construction, and military industry. Designers often spend a...
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  • Design of Plastic Seat Mould for Bus

    Design of Plastic Seat Mould for Bus

    Public bus plastic seats are common public facilities in our daily life. Public bus plastic seats require relatively high strength and a certain degree of flexibility, so we chose ABS, a plastic material with better comprehensive mechanical properties. In the design process, we first analyze the ...
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  • Corporate Culture——Taizhou Aojie Mould Co., Ltd.

    Corporate Culture——Taizhou Aojie Mould Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Taizhou Aojie Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, which is known as the “Hometown of Moulds in China” and “Hometown of Tangerines in China” by the beautiful and rich coast of the East China Sea. Our company is a production company: automotive plastic parts mol...
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  • EU promotes bionic color injection technology

    The originality of the pigment-free bionic color technology comes from nature’s dazzling blue butterfly (Blue Merpho Butterfly). Due to the specific nano-structured texture on the surface of butterfly wings, under the action of the sun’s rays, different colors, mainly blue tones, appe...
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