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  • The influence of injection molding processing conditions on the product

    The complexity of the properties of plastic materials determines the complexity of the injection molding process. The performance of plastic materials varies greatly due to different varieties, different processing conditions for producing injection molded parts, different grades, and even differ...
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  • Mold polishing

    In the process of diversification and high-grade development of industrial products, how to improve the quality of molds that directly affect product quality is an important task. In the mold manufacturing process, smoothing and mirroring after shape processing is called part surface grinding and...
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  • Manufacturing precision injection molding process

    Mold opening injection: how to make injection molded parts with processing accuracy. Due to the high fluidity of plastics, it is difficult to produce injection molded parts in strict accordance with the drawings. Especially for some injection molded parts with high dimensional accuracy, the dimen...
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  • What is the basic principle of injection molded parts processing?

    Injection molding means that the trustee presents the raw materials and molds, and the injection molding manufacturer produces injection products in accordance with the trustee’s regulations and deducts the production and processing costs. Injection molding process, also known as injection ...
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  • What advance preparation must be strengthened for plastic mold trial?

    After the plastic mold is produced and processed, the remaining step is to try the mold. What is test mode? To put it simply, look at whether this mold can produce products that meet the standards, and discover the problems of the mold during the test, which is convenient for mold modification an...
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  • How to choose the mold base before injection mold making

    How to choose the mold base before injection mold making? The choice of mold base depends on the characteristics of the product and the number of injection mold cavities. Two-plate molds, simplified three-plate molds, and standard three-plate molds are common mold base specifications. How to cho...
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  • Training of the pressing surface and the concave mold in the plastic mold

    Plastic molds are very critical to the production of parts. The training of the blanking surface has a certain influence on the mold, and the accuracy of the blanking surface is an important factor affecting the drawing die.In most cases, the grinding and pressing surface is directly pierced, whi...
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  • Injection molding defect Solution

    Molding shortcomings and anomalies are finally reflected in the quality of injection molded products.The disadvantages of injection molded products can be divided into the following points: (1) insufficient product injection; (2) product overflow; (3) product dents and bubbles; (4) product has jo...
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  • Making of molds need to pay attention

    1.When developing products or trial production of new products, some users often only focus on product research and development at the initial stage, neglecting communication with mold making units. After the product design plan is initially determined, there are two benefits to contact with the ...
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  • Thin wall injection molds FAQ(Part 2)

    Thin wall injection molds FAQ(Part 2)

    We can see many thin-walled injection molding things in our lives, so what are the common problems in thin-walled injection molds? Next, let’s learn about it with the editor of Aojie Mould. common problem:   6. Raw edges    Causes: The joints between male and female molds often occur, due...
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  • Improve mold processing performance

    With the continuous development of three coordinate measuring machines, scanners, and laser tracker technologies, “online measurement” makes the measuring machine to be “tooled”, which requires stronger adaptability, and the detection technology to be high-speed, high-prec...
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  • Dustbin mold

    Plastic dustbin molds have very high requirements. Generally, environmental protection PP materials are mostly used, which can produce a bright surface and then do film printing and other treatments, which becomes a high-end trash can. But to make a good dustbin, first of all, the quality of the ...
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